EasyCarry™ Shopping Bags

Bartica's EasyCarry™ brand is a leading supplier of paper bags and sacks in North and East Europe. Equipped with an extensive range of applications, EasyCarry™ capabilities are offered in grocery, retail, pharmacy, food service, and other industries. Some innovative EasyCarry™ concepts include specialty bags for direct food contact, a large selection of handled bags to suit any need from food service carry-out to high­end retail, and advanced printing. All bags are FSC certified.

Stock Shopping Bags

Our EasyCarry™ brand of shopping bags available in your choice of kraft or white, with a sturdy yet comfortable paper-twist handle. Bags range from the standard basis weight for the small and medium sizes to a heavy duty weight for our larger bags.

Retail Shopping Bags

Custom printed bags create the perfect canvas to display your brand and carry your retail marketing strategy long after the sale. Your brand will go places in EasyCarry™ fashionable, sturdy, and reusable paper shopping bags.

Foodservice Shopping Bag

EasyCarry™ shopping bags were designed with food service carryout containers in mind. Our custom printed bags, showcasing your brand, are more than just a transport vehicle for your gourmet meal.

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