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Discover the benefits of Evolution sack kraft paper, made from virgin-based fibre from sustainably managed Northern forests. You'll get a highly functional, strong and cost-effective material that converts efficiently into a variety of valve sacks and pasted open-mouth sacks. And, you'll get a sustainable alternative to plastic sacks without compromising on strength or performance.

Evolution kraft paper sacks meet the highest performance standards while at the same time represent a sustainable and natural-fiber based packaging solution for a wide range of industries, such as cement, building,  food, agriculture and chemicals.  

Key Benefits

  • Evolution Sack paper is manufactured from unbleached virgin craft pulp. The pulp is manufactured from the wood of Northern coniferous species;

  • Evolution Kraft paper is the most common packaging material and is widely used for the production of paper sacks, bags, wrappings, envelopes, etc.;

  • Less paper per sack - less capital tied up, better profitability;

  • Evolution kraft paper has unique tensile strength. Its porosity, or air permeability, makes it even more durable;

  • Lower packaging weight - more sacks on a pallet and lower transport costs;

  • Better ply tear strength when using less material at higher grammages;

  • Better porosity for higher filling speeds - reduces risk of breakage;

  • Excellent deaeration for exact filling and minimal product loss during filling, handling and transport.

Evolution kraft paper products

Sack kraft paper from North Europe is the strongest paper known to man. The main reason is the high quality raw material, with fibres from trees, which have grown very slowly due to the harsh climate. This makes the fibres extremely long and strong. Usage of high quality extensible papers, with excellent cross direction properties, has made a major contribution in the quality of different sacks:

Standard improved sack paper: Evolution S
The paper is used for the production of paper wrappers suitable for carrying small weights, such as shopping bags with handles, charcoal or pet litter bags, etc.

Semi-extensible sack paper: Evolution SE
The paper is used for the production of paper bags suitable for carrying building materials (primarily, cement) and for dry mortars.

Wet Strength Standard improved sack paper and Semi-­extensible sack paper Evolution S WS and Evolution SE WS
Wet strength is facilitated by addition of moisture-resistant resins. They allow the paper to retain 20 to 30% of its initial strength after complete soaking in water.

Extensible sack paper: Evolution EX
Extensible, as well as semi-extensible paper is used for the manufacture of building material bags. Their enhanced endurance (ultimate tensile strength and tensile index) makes possible to reduce the number of paper layers to 2 or 3 from 4 or 5 without any quality loss.

Semi-extensible and Extensible high porosity sack paper: Evolution SE HP and Evolution EX HP
Modernization of cement plants tightens the customers' requirements towards filling equipment. As a rule, these are state-of-the-art carousel type filling tools outfitted with up to ten nozzles feeding cement to paper bags.
Filling a paper bag with 50 kg cement takes up to 4 seconds. Such high-tech industry requires high-porosity paper wrappers. It is the high air permeability that allows the bags made of mere 2 or 3 paper layers to hold as much as fifty kilograms of cement.

Polyethylene-coated Kraft Paper: Evolution PEC
Polyethylene-coated Kraft Paper is high strength natural Kraft paper coated with extruded clear polyethylene.

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