Grades and Technical Specifications




Special hand-selected grade, providing a clean, defects and knots free board, combined with excellent durability to be used for special purposes. Each board is centre free. Supplied in small quantities, the most expensive grade of Siberian larch of the highest quality. The products of this grade have a high density and homogeneous structure with no knots. it is unacceptable to have any defects — rot, blue stain, worm holes etc.


This grade allows some larger and a higher amount of knots, yet there is no compromise on durability and is well suited to timber cladding. Select Grade of Siberian Larch is producing in the high volumes and it is always available in the market. Each board is practically centre free, one face will be sap free, tight live knots have a maximum 1'' diameter, pin knots below 1/5'' will be discounted. and it is well suited to exterior and interior decking, flooring and siding applications.


The most rustic grade of Siberian Larch. It gives a more knotty, less uniform look, without compromising its excellent durability properties. Each board is practically centre free, one face will be sap free, knots have a maximum 1-1/2'' diameter. Standard Grade is well suited to exterior siding and fencing applications.

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Technical Specifications:
  • Family: Pinaceae;

  • Species: Larix Sibirica

  • Other common names: Russian Larch, Siberian Larch

  • Appearance: Consistent colour: creamy yellow brown. Slowly grown with tight straight grain, distinct grain pattern. Fine texture. Live inter-grown knots similar to those in pine

  • Provenance: Legal forests in Siberia; FCS certified

  • Lengths: Random from 6' to 18', subject to availability

  • Moisture content: Kiln dried, 12+/-2%: for internal use; 15+/-2% for external use

  • Surface finish: Smooth

  • Durability: Highly durable, estimated service life up to 100 years. Timber contains natural fungicide arabinoglactan

  • Weight: High, approximately 660-750 kg/m3 at 15% moisture content

  • Dimensional Stability:  High, up to 5mm (variation for a 140 mm wide board throughout the year)

  • Resistance to impact: High

  • Insect attack:  No issues

  • Chemical properties:  No issues

  • Treatability:  Not permeable.

 Comparative Properties of Siberian Larch