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Valve Sacks. General Information.

These are closed sacks suitable for high-speed filling through the nozzles of filling machines (for instance, gravitational, bladed, air or conveyor type). Valve sacks have proven to be an excellent solution irrespective of the high-speed filling type. Filling parameters and safety properties may be fine-tuned according to the needs of the customer. Valve sacks may be additionally lined with polyethylene film for extra moisture-proofing.


Valve sacks are used with state-of-the-art filling facilities, for packaging of a wide variety of products such as cement and dry mortars, chemicals and fertilizers, wheat, dried milk, seeds and animal feedstuffs, or other dry goods.


  • Height: 180 to 700 mm

  • Bottom: 70 to 250 mm

  • Length: 240 to 1250 mm

  • Print on sack: up to 8 colors;

  • Print on cover: up to 4 colors.

Base paper: Evolution 70 to 100 g/m2 white or unbleached brown paper shall be used. For extra moisture protection, Evolution PEC kraft paper can also be used. The Evolution paper has unique tensile strength. Its porosity, or air permeability, makes it even more durable. Porosity is essential for tensile energy absorption; its value is determined by laboratory testing as time required for passing of 100 ml air through a circle of 28.7 mm in diameter.


  • High-speed filling. Valve sacks are designed for quick de-airing and high-speed filling.

  • Multiple variants of closing. The valve may close itself under the pressure of the product, or be glued or bent, adhere under the influence of high temperature, or be sewn, depending on the seam strength requirements and working environment requirements.

  • Optimal for palletizing: Valve bags are optimal for palletizing due to their regular geometric shape. Various types of coating may be employed to reduce sliding.

  • Ultimate moisture-proofing: For customers whose needs in moisture protection are super high, we offer valve sacks with an inner layer of polyethylene film up to 100 micron thick, combined with composite materials.


  • “Step-wise” cut: To maximize the seams strength, we offer “step-wise” cut with special de-airing properties.

  • Ultrasound valve: You might need ultrasound-sealed valve sacks if you desire to provide for extra-strong seam and cleanliness, as well as for special protection of the product. Ultrasound valve has been designed for industrial process enhancement and for cost saving.

  • Easy to open: The built-in string allows to open the sack fast and to gain access to its contents. This feature prevents the contents of the bag from paper shreds, and eliminates potential risks of injury.

  • Safety label: This sophisticated label is designed to combat product counterfeiting.

  • Unique code: Inner layer may be labelled with a unique code, for marketing purposes.

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